Deaf Interpreter

Melanie is a recognised Deaf Interpreter and has worked with many professionals and clients in the past 7 years and she enjoys being the DI. Melanie finds this job very rewarding and if you are in need to book a Deaf interpreter. Click here


Melanie translates Auslan to English in writing and English to Auslan. If you need help with writing a letter, or need a letter that needs to be translated into Auslan for you to understand.

Support Person

Melanie provides support work and she is NDIS registered. If you need a support person to attend to an appointment, meeting or be in court to be there for you. Melanie is very passionate when it comes to advocating and she can help you to advocate. Click here if you want to get in touch and have a chat with Melanie

Life Guidance

Melanie has the wisdom and knowledge to help you to remind yourself that you are special in your own way. After a session with Melanie, you will discover you and remember you are enough. Are you ready to embark your self development journey?

Public Speaking

Melanie is passionate with sharing her experience as a survivor, and a person with disability that she went and fought for her justice for years. Melanie aims to work with government bodies, parents, teachers and the community. Melanie believes its very important to raise awareness with how to have people with disability's voice to be heard.

Auslan Tutor

Melanie does Auslan tutor 1:1 or small groups. If Auslan is what you have always wanted to learn or improve your skills just get in touch with Melanie. Each session is tailored to suit each person or family