Melanie is a native signer

She was born deaf and went to deaf primary and high school.

She started signing English and then transitioned to Auslan towards at the end of her primary school years.

Melanie has seen many of deaf and hard of hearing children missing out having an access to sign language and parents don’t have much knowledge about the deaf community, deaf culture or sign language due lack of resource and information being shared by the medical professionals.

Melanie aims to change this one day with a group of people who have the same goal and it takes a village to make this success.

Melanie is an open minded with parents who make choices for their child, Melanie has two boys and one of them are deaf and he has bilateral cochlear implant and Melanie decided for him to have the surgery when he was a baby and he had the implants when he was 1 year old.

The best decision ever, her boy Zain is always blowing the professional away because he comes from a deaf family and yet he is very fluent with speaking, hearing and signing.

It is all because he has an access to Auslan and children excel when they sign and trust me you, mums and dads will be blown away too!

If you want to learn Auslan, working on your Auslan skills or want your family to incorporate Auslan just get in touch with Melanie!